Princeton in Cuba

PLEASE NOTE: The Princeton in Cuba spring term program held in Havana is temporarily suspended. Notification will be distributed upon re-establishment of the program. 

Havanna 4"This was the best decision I ever made. I pushed myself to my academic, social, and emotional limits while learning about a fascinating and beautiful culture. My love for the Cuban people is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Traveling to Cuba helped clarify a great many things for me—it helped me to realize both what I wanted for myself and what I did not want."

–S. Aguilar '16

Live in Cuba

Havana Panoramic

Sophia Aguilar ’16; Havana, Cuba

The pace of change in contemporary Cuba is breathtaking. Get a firsthand view of the culture, at once historic and forward-looking. Explore beyond the capital through carefully curated trips. All the while, continue your studies while experiencing a life-changing opportunity.

My time in Cuba made me re-think who I was and how I wanted to be in the world. It was an opportunity not only to spend time in a uniquely stunning and dynamic country with a group of new friends, but a chance to expand and deepen my conception of the world as I thought I knew it. Cuba reminded me that nothing is as simple as it seems, and there are always surprises to be found for those willing to seek them out. Do yourself a favor and go: it will change your life, guaranteed.

Student workers

Experience the Capital

Havana beach

With a population 2.1-million strong, Havana is the center of Cuban political, cultural, and economic life. As such, the incredible rhythm of the country can be most vividly observed here. From its iconic seawall to compelling museums, galleries, and cafes, the city richly rewards those who choose to spend a semester here.

Student and Children

Choosing to study abroad in Cuba my junior year was one of the best decisions I've made at Princeton. I loved how the Cuba program encouraged my classmates and me to think about learning in a more holistic way. Our seminars were structured so as to intentionally blur the lines between our “academic time” and our experiences outside of the classroom. Class discussions were often spurred or heavily informed by our daily experiences and interactions.

Study at the University of Havana

Founded in 1728, this is the largest university in Cuba and one of the oldest in the Americas. It is respected throughout the Caribbean for the strength of its academic offerings. During the course of their studies, Princeton-in-Cuba students enjoy the unique opportunity to study alongside their Cuban peers, fostering new connections and understanding.