Will Mullaney

Comparative Literature

Will Mullaney is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Comparative Literature studying twentieth-century Black writings on Brazil. Analyzing the political interventions of Black collective writing projects in the Brazilian redemocratization period beginning in the late seventies and ongoing in the contemporary, his dissertation seeks to highlight enunciations of a diasporic cultural orientation, inheritance, and historicity, which rethink and contest the Brazilian national text. It argues that these irruptions should be understood in relation to a longer minor literary and cultural tradition in Brazil which, across the twentieth century, innovated literary language in order to assert a Black aesthetic time-space that lays a foundation for the mobilization of Black politics and ongoing proliferation of writings from marginal positions. Will earned a bachelor’s degree in French Literature and in English from Pomona College (2012). He received a Fulbright English Teaching grant (2015) in Belo Horizonte and a Fulbright Research grant (2022) to studythe archives of Carolina Maria de Jesus in Rio de Janeiro. His work has been published in Revue 360 and Eutomia.