Nora Muñiz

Spanish and Portuguese

Research Interests: Latin-American contemporary literature written by women, studies of the body, feminism(s), ecocriticism, the Latin American literary ecosystem with an emphasis in independent bookstores and editorials

Nora Muñiz is a PhD student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and holds two bachelor’s degrees: one in Latin-American Literature from Universidad Iberoamericana and another in English Literature from UNAM. Her work “Diegetic Overflow: from the Corporeal to the Literary limits in Operation on a Malignant Body by Sergio Loo” was published in the Connotas Journal of Sonora. Muñiz was awarded the Fulbright García Robles Scholarship for her graduate studies in the United States and the Lassen Fellowship from the Program of Latin American Studies during her first year at Princeton. Muñiz’s methodological approach is guided by intermediality, as she has worked in both the artistic and literary spheres of Mexico City.