Noa Corcoran-Tadd, Ph.D. Harvard University, Anthropology

Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer in Latin American Studies
328 Burr Hall

NOA CORCORAN-TADD (Ph.D., Harvard). Corcoran-Tadd’s current research explores the long-term history of mobility through the landscapes of northern Chile and southern Peru using a multidisciplinary approach that combines archaeological and archival methods. In particular, he traces the ways in which late prehispanic caravan networks and Inca imperial infrastructures shaped the emergence of new colonial mobilities including the famous ruta de la plata (silver road) that connected the silver mines of highland Bolivia with the globalizing networks of the early modern Pacific. Drawing on this research, he is currently working on a book that uses the archaeological landscapes of the south-central Andes to ground a wider history of indigenous resilience, market participation, and infrastructural projects through the colonial and post-independence periods.