Noa Corcoran-Tadd, Ph.D. Harvard University, Anthropology

Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer in Latin American Studies

NOA CORCORAN-TADD (Ph.D., Harvard) joined the staff of the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library in Washington, D.C. as their Pre-Columbian Studies Librarian in June 2022. He credits his formative two years at PLAS with providing an important springboard to his current work in preconquest and colonial Latin American studies, librarianship, and the digital humanities.

While a postdoctoral fellow at PLAS from 2019 to 2021, he designed and taught four new courses on the history and archaeology of Latin America. In collaboration with colleagues at Firestone Library, McGraw, and the Art Museum, these courses drew on Princeton’s extensive physical and digital collections of Latin American material culture to bring the region’s deeper past to life.

During the fellowship, he published or submitted articles on his research on the archaeology and history of southern Peru and northern Chile in Latin American Antiquity, Cambridge Archaeological Journal, and Chungara Revista de Antropología Chilena, as well as book chapters in The Oxford Handbook of South American Archaeology and The Politics of Landscapes: Borders, Movement, Resilience and Transformations.  Dr. Corcoran-Tadd also had the opportunity to edit the papers presented at the international symposium held at PLAS on Material Histories of Latin America, which he organized and chaired in April 2021.