Hannah Faughnan '23

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Since graduating, Hannah has been working at the Carole Robertson Center for Learning in Chicago, IL through the Princeton AlumniCorps Project 55 Fellowship. The Center currently serves over 2,500 predominantly Black and brown children and families across communities in Chicago, many of which have been historically disinvested, in its mission to educate, enrich, and empower children and families in the city. Her biggest project so far has been coordinating the distribution of holiday gifts to every child that the Center serves in the most equitable and effective way, fundraising over $35,000 to support the project. In her free time, Hannah wanders the National Museum of Mexican Art and practices spotting glyphs in the street art around Chicago’s West side, using the knowledge of Indigenous art history she gained from her time in PLAS. Seriously, she’s a big nerd about it. 

alumni shopping as part of her non-profit work
hannah with people at the center
grafitti on a wall