Glorimar Marrero Sánchez

Visiting Professional Specialist, July 8 to August 4, 2019

Glorimar Marrero Sánchez (M.S., Mass Communication, Florida International University). Marrero Sánchez is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. Her work is related to grief, identity and colonialism, among other topics, and includes audiovisual, still photography, and installation. She is currently working on the advanced development of her first hybrid feature length film project La Pecera (Fish Tank) (Winner of the Unpublished Script Contest of the 2017 Latin American Film Festival in Havana, Cuba, the Tribeca Film Institute Latin America Fund Grant 2018, and winner of the EAVE Award in the MAFIZ, of the Malaga International Film Festival 2018). She recently premiered the documentary El MAC en el Barrio, and Juana (s) Matos, a video projection in the community of Juana Matos in Cataño, Puerto Rico (November 2018). Both projects were commissions of Contemporary Art Museum of Puerto Rico. In 2017 she premiered Revuelo en la Roosevelt (Revolt at the Roosevelt), a video art piece commissioned by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and the National Endowment for the Arts. In 2016, she directed the short film Biopsia (Biopsy) (Best Director Award at the European Film Festival in Puerto Rico and Honorable Mention at the 21 Islands International Short Fest in New York). In 2018, Marrero Sánchez was an artist-in-residence at the University of Chicago (May to July) and she was recently selected for an artistic residency at MASS MoCA. In March, Marrero Sánchez joined the team of the Contemporary Art Museum of Puerto Rico as a consultant where she will develop the audiovisual unit of the museum. While at Princeton, Marrero Sánchez will work on her first hybrid feature length project titled La Pecera (Fish Tank).