Emilia Quiñones-Otal

Visiting Fellow, June 24 to July 21, 2019

Emilia Quiñones-Otal (Ph.D., Art History, Universidad de Valencia). Quiñones-Otal is an adjunct professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. She has published a number of scholarly papers around feminist artistic practices in Latin America and the Caribbean. Some of them are “La violencia de género en el arte de la generación Mesótica II,” Cuaderno Internacional de Estudios Humanísticos y Literatura (2016) and “The Red Veil: Wedding Dresses against Gender Based Violence in Latin American Art,” Saitabi (2013). Quiñones-Otal has 10 years curatorial experience working on exhibitions in Spain and Puerto Rico. Her works include In-Out House. Circuitos de género y violencia en la era tecnológica (Valencia, Spain 2012-2013) and Más allá de la capucha (San Juan, Puerto Rico 2017). She also co-authored the publications that accompanied the exhibitions. She is a founding member of the first curatorial collective in Puerto Rico: Trans Forma, a women-only curatorial group. The collective has organized not only exhibitions but also public events, interviews, and dialogues with local curators, artists, exhibition space coordinators and art historians to participate actively in the development of research and creation in Puerto Rico. While at Princeton University, Quiñones-Otal will be working on research around Latin American artists who present their body as a metaphor for the invaded territory and, at the same time, the space of incursion of patriarchy and violence against women. Her ultimate objective is to publish this research and to develop an exhibition for presentation at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico in June 2020.