Elise Chagas

Art & Archaeology

Research Interests: Politics of aesthetics; representation; regimes of value; modernity; historiography.

Elise Y. Chagas is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Art & Archaeology studying modern and contemporary art with a focus on Latin America. Her dissertation concerns Peruvian modern art as it relates to indigenism, a pan-Latin American movement of the early twentieth century that sought to vindicate Indigenous cultures and lifeways past, present, and future. In 2021–2022 she was a Mellon-Marron Research Consortium Fellow at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. At Princeton, Elise's research has been supported by the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies and the Program in Latin American Studies, where she was a Lassen Fellow in 2018–2019.

Title of dissertation: Objects of Indigenism: Peruvian Modern Art, 1919-1939 (working)