Eduardo Ferraz Felippe

Visiting Associate Research Scholar (February 2019)

EDUARDO FERRAZ FELIPPE (Ph.D. in Latin American history, USP, Brazil) is Professor of History at the Rio de Janeiro State University, where he teaches Contemporary Latin American History and Contemporary Latin American Literature as well as seminars onTheory of History, Teaching History and historical experience and Trauma and narrative, among other courses.  Ferraz Felippe has collaborated with many educational programs in Rio de Janeiro city dealing with the relationship between teaching, digital media, and e-learning. He has published numerous articles and the book (Co)Memorando about education and memory (co-author, 2010). He is co-editor of the special issue “Crise na e da História: desafio à escrita e à reflexão crítica” for the journal Maracanan Review (2017) about the concept of crisis in the humanities. His forthcoming book Só se perde o que realmente não se teve (2018, co-author) is about Ricardo Piglia’s work. During his 2019 visiting fellowship at PLAS, Ferraz Felippe will research both Ricardo Piglia’s and Arcadio Díaz Quiñones’ papers and develop further his current research on the writing of the Self in contemporary Latin American writers.