Debra Castillo


Debra Castillo, Emerson Hinchliff Chair of Hispanic Studies, and Professor of Comparative Literature at Cornell University, and director of the Cornell Migration Studies minor. Castillo is the holder of a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellowship, which is Cornell University’s highest teaching award, and is granted for excellence in undergraduate teaching. She regularly teaches courses on Latinx, Border Studies, and Migration issues. Debra Castillo is the author, co-author, translator, or editor of a couple of dozen books and approximately 150 scholarly articles. She specializes in contemporary narrative from the Spanish-speaking world (including the United States), gender studies, and cultural theory. Her most recent books include South of the Future: Speculative Biotechnologies and Care Markets in South Asia and Latin America (with Anindita Banerjee) and The Scholar as Human(with Anna Sims Bartel), Centering Borders: Narrative Explorations in South Asia and Latin America (with Kavita Panjabi and Debaroti Chakraborty), Latin American Literature in Transition (with Mónica Szurmuk) and forthcoming books with Liliana Colanzi (on horror in Latin America) and with Melissa Castillo-Planas (on public engagement in COVID times). She is an active member of the editorial boards of many journals, and is also Editor of the Latin American Literary Reviewwas editor of Diacritics, and the former Book Review editor for Letras Femeninas.