Dante Furioso

History and Theory of Architecture

Research Interests: History of architecture, construction history, labor history, colonial history, nineteenth-century Atlantic history

Dante is a scholar and architect with a varied professional background including undergraduate studies in Latin American history, and work in historic restoration, fabrication, and publishing. His research interests include the role of labor, the development of professional design techniques, and the relationship between colonization and capitalism in the nineteenth-century Atlantic. His current investigation in preparation for his dissertation prospectus focuses on enslaved and freed laborers in the construction industry in nineteenth-century Cuba. A former editor of Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal, he has written articles for CLOG, The New York Review of Architecture, and e-flux Architecture. He has a forthcoming peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Architectural Education.

Title of Dissertation The production of architecture: designers, builders, and laborers in nineteenth-century Latin America