Camila Reyes Alé


Research Interests: US-Latin America exchanges, circulation practices, material techniques and culture, cultural and visual studies, institutional history, modernization, decoloniality.

Camila Reyes Alé is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Architecture working on twentieth century architectural practices across the Americas. Her dissertation focuses on the architectures of circulation that were formed, established, and exploited during the post-war period between the United States and Latin America. It analyzes the processes, protocols, components and techniques through which the discipline was both deployed and mobilized as a field of knowledge and exchange during these years. It aims to explicate how circulation operates both spatially and materially, and through it, to address questions of power, identity, and culture more broadly. Camila earned a bachelor’s in architecture from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2013) and a master's in critical, curatorial and conceptual practices in architecture from Columbia University (2017). She has been the recipient of scholarships from Fulbright (2015-2017), CONICYT/ANID (Chile) (2015-2021), and the Lassen Fellowship from PLAS at Princeton University (2017-2018). Her work has been published in Revista ARQ, The Avery Review, Revista Materia, among others.