Anthony Cummings

Visiting Research Scholar, Program in Latin American Studies

ANTHONY CUMMINGS (Ph.D., Syracuse University). Cummings is an associate professor of geospatial information sciences at the University of Texas Dallas' School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences. His research focuses on human-environment interactions, remote sensing, ecology and biostatistics. Cummings was awarded the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences – Outstanding Teaching Comet Award in 2014 and 2016 and he was nominated for the President’s Teaching Excellence Award in Undergraduate Instruction in 2018. He has taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels such as a course on remote sensing fundamentals, which introduces students to the principles of remote sensing, including explanations on the theories of energy, the way sensors are designed to capture energy, and how energy interacts with various Earth materials. While at Princeton, Cummings will work on a research project that explores areas in which indigenous knowledge can help to safeguard the tropical forests, including wildlife that are important to indigenous culture. In spring 2022 he will teach an upper level seminar, LAS 308 Earth Change and Latin American Natures, which will expose students to concepts and debates surrounding land-cover change in the tropics and the forces that drive such change, especially those underlying drivers that are often located far away from Latin America.