Ana Isabel Martinez Jimenez

Comparative Literature

Ana Isabel Martinez Jimenez received her B.A. in CompLit from the University of Chicago where she was a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow and her MSc with distinction in Literature, Languages, and Cultures from the University of Edinburgh. Her master’s dissertation triangulated poetic theory, race studies, and psychoanalysis in order to understand both the conceptual frailty and the powerful ideological influence of racialization. Before beginning her B.A. studies, Ana Isabel was a resident of Tijuana, Mexico and crossed the international border daily for sixteen years to attend school in San Diego, California. Beyond her formal and professional education, this experience is the primary motivator behind her work as a comparatist. Broadly speaking, Martinez’s current interests lie in the intersection between poetic language and the formation of female subjectivity. Her literary focus is 20th century Latin-American women’s literature which she analyses alongside the feminisms that arose from French Écriture féminine and Lacanian psychoanalysis.