Adrian Gustavo Zarrilli

Visiting Fellow, Program in Latin American Studies (April 2023)

Adrian Gustavo Zarrilli (Ph.D., National University of La Plata) is a full professor at the National University of Quilmes and the National University of La Plata, and Researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research, in Argentina. His research interests include Argentine and Latin American environmental history, the relationships between society and the environment, and the effects of the Anthropocene. He was director of the Center for the Study of Rural Argentina at UNQ and President of the Latin American and Caribbean Society of Environmental History (SOLCHA). He is currently director of the Research Program "Unequal Argentina. Environment, Production and Quality of Life in Rural Areas (1960-2019)” at the National University of Quilmes. He has published multiple books, book chapters, and scholarly articles. His recent studies explore the expansion of industrial agriculture, driven primarily by the growth of soybean cultivation which has produced some of the greatest economic, social, demographic, and environmental changes in the country's recent history. While at Princeton, Zarrilli will continue researching Latin American environmental history and the relationship between society and nature, issues related to rural development and sustainability, deforestation, and the expansion of the agrarian frontier, and writing his book on Latin American environmental history in the Gran Chaco region.