Estela Imigo

Spanish & Portuguese

Research Interests: Cinema studies, indigenous studies, visual studies, and literature.

Estela Imigo is a Ph.D. Mapuche-williche student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and a Fulbright scholar. She holds a BA in Pedagogy in Language and communication, a MA in Contemporary Hispanic American Literature (summa cum laude) earned thanks to the support of the CONICyT scholarship, and a Diploma in Audiovisual Arts with a mention in Documentary Film.
Her M.A. dissertation investigates relationships between narrative, memory, and oraliture in contemporary Mapuche literature. As a result of her thesis work, she directed a FIC Valdivia (2022) exhibited documentary called Mareros, based on the book Pulotre by Bernardo Colipán.
Currently, her research focuses on the links between indigenous literature and cinema studies.