Past Paul E. Sigmund Scholars

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Summer 2019

Deanna Christensen ‘21
Preserving Protest: Archiving Feminist Street Art in Buenos Aires

Anglory Espinal ‘20
Combating Erasure of Blackness and Anti-Black Sentiments through Afro-Colombian Activism    

Sydney Hsu ‘21           
Engineers Without Borders Peru Gravity-fed Water System in Pusunchás, Peru

Maya McHugh ‘22      
Climate Change Research in Belize and Mexico

Felipe Mendoza ‘22   
Realidades Colombia 

Alejandro Roig ‘21 
Translating Amado into Art   

Jackson Vail ‘21
Stories of Adaption to a Changing Climate in Colombia

Summer 2018

Sofia Bisogno ‘20
Engineers Without Borders Peru Team Project

Menelik Graham ‘20
The Jamaican Diaspora in Latin America

Diana Sandoval Siman ‘20
Exploring Current Challenges to Democracy and Development in the Northern Triangle of Central America

Krystal Veras ‘20
Afrocubanismo: The Resistance and Persistence of Blackness in Cuba after the Revolution

Caleb Visser ‘20
Microfinance for the Ultra Poor: Examining Community Development in Haiti

Alice Wistar ‘20
Exploration of Cuisine, Farming, and Agriculture Systems in Peru

Summer 2017

Manuel Gomez Castaño ‘20
Researching the Political Influence of the Colombian Independent Political Party MIRA in Specific Colombian Populations and Other Latin American Regions

Peter Schmidt ‘20
“Peasant Food to Superfood”: Quinoa, Agriculture and Personal Narratives of Globalization

Summer 2016

Luis Carchi ‘19
Racial Relations in Ecuador

Alexander Fish ‘18
Los Nervios: A Film on Approaches to Self-Medication and Mental Health Treatment in Latin America

Summer 2015

Kyle Berlin ‘18
The Arts in Latin America: Creation that Defines
Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay

Sofia Hiltner ‘17
Intersections: Ecotourism, Politics, and Environment in the Andes
Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru

Ava Hoffman ’17
Environmental Racism and the Right to Residence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Summer 2014

Alexandra Eakes ’17
IES Rio de Janeiro – Sports and Society

Nathan Eckstein ‘16
Bolivia and the U.S. Department of State: An Experiential View of Cultural Diplomacy and Public Affairs Initiatives

Joan Fernandez ‘15
Contestation and Games: Understanding the Role of U.S. International Policy in Recent Urban Projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ava Hoffman ‘17
The Efficacy of Civil Society and the Identity of the Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Clarissa Lotson ‘16
Environmental and Latin American Studies in Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Kasturi Shah ‘16
Public Goods Trap and Principal-Agent Problems in Peru and their Solutions

Summer 2013

Elise Backman ‘15
Brazilian-American Relations in the Context of a Changing Climate

Emilie Burke ‘15
Understanding the Effects of Voting Origin and Attitudes Towards Voting in Country of Origin on Voting Among Latinos upon Naturalization
Brazil, Argentina, and Chile

Logan Coleman ‘15
Political Trajectories in Communities Post-Insurgency: A Look at the FMLN’s Following in Usulutan, El Salvador
El Salvador

Brett Diehl ‘15
Following the Young Che: A Journey Through South America
Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia

Joan Fernández ‘15
Unraveling the Narratives and Politics of Cyclical Rural Poverty in Managua: A Project in Community Building

Rafael Saiz Garcia ‘15
Diarios de Motocicleta - ¿Dónde está la Latinoamérica del Che?
Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela

Alanna Williams ‘16
World Teach in Ecuador

Lauren Wyman ’14
Greening Colombia: Integrating Ecosystem Services Thinking into Colombian Infrastructural Developments

Summer 2012

Cecilia Buerkle ‘14
Rediscovering Colonial Roots: A Family History through Painting

Logan Coleman ‘15
Assessment of Migration and Community Development Elixir, Honduras
Princeton in Brazil


Brett Diehl ‘15
Exploring the Rio Archives: A Microhistory of Brazilian Student Movements

Ryan Elliott ‘14
Serving and Researching as a Global Impact Fellow at United for Sight’s Clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Iara Guzman ‘14
Rio+20: Children’s Rights Advocacy and Sustainability in Latin America
Bolivia, Brazil

Marcelo Rochabrun ‘15
La Desigualdad en el Perú: Herencia Colonial, Economía y Política (Inequality in Peru: Colonial Heritage, Economics and Politics

Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar ‘14
Internship at salaUno in Mexico City

Summer 2011

Katherine Alvarez ‘12
Racial Minorities in Argentina and Their Integration

Rachael Baitel ‘14
Images for Unity

Brandon Davis ‘13
Untold Stories of Muslims in the Tri-Border Area
Brazil, Paraguay

Brianna Eastridge ‘12
Brazilian Consumerism as a New Phenomenon

Thomas Irby ’13
The Memory of Slavery: Late 19th to Early 20th Century Southern Brazil

Uchechi Kalu ’14
A Broader View

Emily VanderLinden ’13
Impacto Project

Summer 2010

Stephanie Alvarez ‘12
Displaced Populations in Bogotá, Medellin, and Florencia

Luciana Chamorro ’12
CIPPEC Internship

Courtney Crumpler ’13
The Art of Healing in Brazil: Alternative Approaches to Health Promotion and Care Delivery

Aparajita Das ‘12
Terra de Paixão e Futebal

Hannah George ‘13
Sorata: El Pueblo de Perros

Ricardo Mayo ‘13
Educando a Cuba Nueva
Florida, U.S.

Summer 2009

Chinekwu Anunwa ’11
PIIRS Global Seminar: Race, Culture, and Identity in Brazilian Modernism

Sierra Gronewold ’11
IntiWawa NGO Internship

Julia Kaplan ’11
Institutional Reform Undersecretariat Internship

Cynthia Kroll ’11
Child Family Health International Internship
Research at Alalay (halfway house for adolescent girls)


Patricia Sever ‘11
Villa Ocampo Internship
Research on the relationship between Borges and Victoria Ocampo


Summer 2008

Adrian Gallegos ’11
Urbanization in Mexico

Thomas López ’10
A New Generation of Social Memory: Using Modern Art and Dance to Remember the Past
Argentina, Uruguay

Summer 2007

Irene Routte ‘08
Art as a Social Construction in Central America
Nicaragua, Mexico

Whitney Williams ‘09
Social Inequalities and Public Health Policies: The Effects on Women in Brazil (Cornell in Brazil Program)

Summer 2006

Timothy Cheston ‘08
The Success and Limits of Microfinance in Bolivia (FINRURAL Internship)

Nathan Geller ‘08
Análisis del Saqueo y Morfometría de Los Nidos de la Cotorra Cabeciamarilla (Amazona barbadensis) en la Península de Macanao, Edo. Nueva Esparta, Venezuela

Michael Hidalgo ‘08
The Maquiladora Industry in Tijuana, Monterrey, and Jalisco

Kathryn Lankester ‘08
Intergenerational Asset Transfers & Poverty Reduction in Guayaquil, Ecuador

André Filipe Veiga ‘07
School Quality and Childhood Gang Involvement in Rio de Janeiro (Viva Rio Internship)

Summer 2005

Alejandra Connell ‘07
Environmental Education in Isla de Margarita (Pro Vita Internship)

Alisha Holland ‘07
Assessing the Chilean Electoral System

Sara Holloway ‘06
Human Rights in Guatemala

Brandon Ricaurte ‘06
A New Player Emerges: China’s Influence in Panama and Taiwan’s Dwindling Hopes to Maintain Diplomatic Relations

Summer 2004

Zinzi Bailey ‘06
“Escravos de Alma”: Racial Hegemony, Political Opportunity & Afro-Brazilian Mobilization

Thomas Saul Vogl ‘05
Effects of Land Titling on Child Nutritional Status: Evidence from Lima

Brady Pinero Walkinshaw ‘06
Dropping out in Villa Nueva, Honduras

Summer 2003

Dana Johanna Graef ’05
The Life of the Forgotten (La vida de los olvidados): The Impact of Development on Environment & Tradition in the Boruca Indigenous Community of Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Fernando Montero ‘06
Migration, Culture, Memory, and Identity in Mexico

Rocio Rosales ‘05
Cuerpo Vendido, Orgullo Mantenido: A Study of Cuban Jineteras & the Critiques Confronting Ethnographic Research

Summer 2002

Fernando Delgado ‘04
Projecto Axé: The Social Mobility of Brazilian Street Children in Salvador, Bahia

Erin Lindsay Dell ‘05
Plan Vida: A Reproductive Health Program

Matthew Goldberg ‘04
Saude 10!: A Public Health Education Project in Rio Grande do Norte

André Lamartin Montes ‘04
Public Safety and Criminality in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia

Vicente Piedrahita ‘04
The Privatization of Public Space in Lima and Bogotá
Colombia, Peru