Dissertation Completion Writing Grants

PLAS provides dissertation completion writing grants for advanced graduate students in Latin American studies with priority given to 6th year students.

PLAS awards 2-4 grants annually for either a semester or a full year to advanced graduate students who work in Latin American studies and who have reached Dissertation Completion Enrollment (DCE) status.

These are the two options:

  • Full-year grant with a stipend plus full DCE costs;
  • Half-year grant with a stipend plus one-half DCE costs.

Full-year grants are awarded for the academic year (August to May) and the stipend rate is equal to 10-months of the University Fellowship. Half-year grants are awarded for 5-months (August to December for the fall term or January to May for the spring term) and the stipend rate is equal to 5-months of the University Fellowship.

Apply through GPS.

Application Details:

  1. Submit a dissertation prospectus that includes the significance of the research to the field, data, methods, and substance of the work.
  2. Provide a report of the progress on research and writing to date and a timeline until completion of the dissertation.
  3. Provide a chapter of your dissertation.
  4. Summarize efforts to secure external funding from agencies outside of Princeton.
  5. Request two letters of recommendation. Ensuring receipt of letters by the posted deadline is the applicant’s responsibility.

Application deadline will be in March 13, 2023.  

All recipients must submit a report on work accomplished by November 1 following the academic year of the grant award.

Please contact Rebecca Aguas ([email protected]) with any questions.

* 2022-23 University Fellowship 12-month stipend was $45,600 and DCE/In-Absentia Enrollment for the year was $7,150 (includes tuition $4,150 and Student Health Plan $3,000).