Graduate Funding Opportunities

**Due to COVID-19, University-sponsored travel is restricted so please refer to the Princeton COVID Resources page on travel for more information. PLAS is offering limited funding opportunities in SAFE for graduate students.**

The next generation of scholars in Latin American Studies is being trained right here at Princeton. As part of one of the nation’s oldest and most well-established programs, our graduate students find transformative funding opportunities throughout their tenure.

Not only does this deepen the scope of their research. It fosters direct connections with those whose work is redefining our understanding of the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Summer Research Grants

As one’s dissertation is coming into focus, direct research is critical. As such, PLAS provides grants to cover travel costs related to summer work in the field.

Conference Travel Grants

Recognizing its transformative potential, PLAS conference funding is in place to encourage graduate students to present their research at invited conferences.

PLAS Dissertation Writing Grants

PLAS provides dissertation completion writing grants for advanced graduate students in Latin American studies.

Graduate Student Organizations
With an eye on guiding new levels of insight, PLAS partners with graduate student organizations that are designing campus events.