PLAS Student Information Form

For questions or concerns contact the PLAS Program Coordinator (Eneida Toner) at [email protected]
Graduate / Undergraduate
Are you interested in the graduate certificate?
Requirements (You will still be featured on the website by completing this form, even if you select no for this question):
  • Language: Advanced proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, or French (for students working on the Caribbean). Students can satisfy this requirement by completing a course taught in Spanish, Portuguese, or French; or if a native speaker.
  • Coursework: Four full-term, approved graduate courses on a Latin American topic, or substitutes approved by the program director. At least one course should be outside of the student's home department.  In addition, the program director may approve other graduate courses, on a case-by-case basis, for which the student has written a final paper focusing on a Latin American topic.
  • Works-in-Progress: Students enrolled in the graduate certificate program are encouraged to participate in the program’s Graduate Works-in-Progress series during their course of study, and do at least one presentation on their dissertation research to an audience of faculty and graduate students to receive feedback.  PLAS also encourages students to attend and organize scholarly events sponsored by the program.
  • Dissertation: A dissertation that includes significant research on a Latin American topic.
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