Mario Gandelsonas: "Fluvial Metropolies"

Tue, Nov 13, 2018, 12:00 pm to 1:20 pm

Fluvial Metropolis is a joint research program dealing with megacities and water infrastructure organized by the University of São Paulo and Princeton University Strategic Partnership for Teaching and Research.  The research focusses on the Metropolitan Waterway Ring of Sao Paulo, known as the Hidroanel project, a network of navigable canals organized through ports along the waterway -- origin ports where the cargo is deposited - and transported to destination ports where the waste is selected, recycled, processed, bio-digested or reutilized and in the last instance incinerated with the goal of arriving to a policy of zero landfill when the project is completed in the year 2040.

Mario Gandelsonas is an internationally recognized designer, theorist and teacher.  He has designed buildings and master plans in Argentina, the US, Europe and China. He was a fellow at the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies and a founding editor of Oppositions magazine. As a theorist, he introduced and developed a post structuralist approach to architecture and urbanism that influenced a generation of theoretician and historians.

He is the Professor Class of 1913 Lecturer in Architecture at the Princeton University School of Architecture where he has been teaching since 1991.  He is the director of the Program in Urban Studies and the Co-Director of the Princeton Mellon Initiative in architecture, Urbanism and the Humanities. His articles and designs have been widely published in national and international magazines and anthologies. His books include The Urban Text, the monograph Agrest and Gandelsonas, Works, X-Urbanism: architecture and the American city, Shanghai Reflections, In Search of the Public, Garden [City] State, and the recently published Fluvial Metropolis.

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