Lena Burgos-Lafuente to present “A La Escucha de la Guerra Fría: El Ojo Acústico de Lorenzo Homar”

Wed, Apr 26, 2017, 12:00 pm to 1:20 pm
PLAS Lunch Lecture Featuring: Lena Burgos-Lafuente (Latin American Literature, Stony Brook University) In this talk, Lena Burgos-Lafuente, Ph.D., examines key moments in the work of the graphic artist, Lorenzo Homar. She explores his beginnings as a political cartoonist in New York City in close collaboration with left-leaning publications (such as Weekly People, the official organ of the Socialist Labor Party). Lena turns to the development of his later critical and artistic positions in the context of the Cold War. She also focuses on the “acoustic eye” in his artistic collaborations with artists and writers such as Pau Casals, Tomás Blanco, and René Marqués. Homar’s work allows her to explore the political consequences of a sound studies approach to the state’s normalizing designs and dominant narrative of progress. Lecture in Spanish

216 Burr Hall