Latin America Workshop featuring Felice Physioc

Fri, Apr 14, 2017, 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

"Developing a Science of Society: Alejandro E. Bunge and the Creation of the Argentine Economy (1853-1917)" Co-sponsored by the Program in Latin American Studies and the Center for Collaborative History

The Portuguese ship Arrogante was captured in late November 1837 by the HMS Snake, with more than 330 Africans on board. After they were liberated at Montego Bay, Jamaica, a chilling mystery surrounding the alleged cannibalistic practices carried out by her crew were brought to the attention of the local authorities. The examination of the Arrogante's story constitutes another example that supports the case of historians who currently claim that the atrocities committed by the slavers were more common than what we have thought thus far. This case also highlights the questionable impartiality of Jamaican magistrates, courts and authorities at the time that coincided with the final emancipation of the slaves in the British West Indies, and the limited weight and credibility given to testimonies received from African slaves, most of whom in this case were children.

Dickinson Hall, Room 210