Jeffrey L. Gould | 'Just Another Boss:' Autogestion, Workers' Control, and the Fate of Socialism in Chile, 1972

Mar 19, 2024, 12:00 pm1:20 pm
216 Burr Hall



Event Description

Jeffrey L. Gould's paper examines the failure of the Unidad Popular to achieve an accord with the Christian Democratic Party in July 1972 that would have made it far more difficult for the military and its rightist allies to carry out the lethal coup of September 11, 1973. In the words of a Christian Democratic Party leader, they came “within a hair’s breadth of an agreement.” The accord embodied an understanding between the two forces that proposed a way forward towards a socialist society.


Jeffrey L. Gould is a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Indiana University. His most recent books are Entre el Bosque y Los Arboles: Utopías Menores en El Salvador y Uruguay– CALAS, Universidad de Guadalajara, 2021; Solidarity Under Siege, The El Salvadoran Labor Movement, 1970-1990, New York: Cambridge University Press2019 and Desencuentros y Desafíos: Ensayos Sobre la Historia Contemporánea Centroamericana, Editorial CIHAC, San Jose 2016. His most recent film is Port Triumph, 2019. He is currently working with Ernesto Jara on an historical drama titlted, "Dawn to Despair/Sombras al Amanecer".


Carlos Aguirre, Professor of History, University of Oregon; PLAS Visiting Research Scholar and Visiting Professor

This event is open to students, faculty, visiting scholars and staff. Lunch will be provided while supplies last.

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