Cannibal Translation: Roots, Routes and Recipes from Latin American Literary Praxis

Apr 22, 2024, 12:00 pm1:20 pm
Louis A. Simpson International Building, Room 144



Event Description
What could literary translation accomplish if practiced as a reciprocal, creative endeavor rather than a unidirectional, faithful homage to an original? The Latin American writer-translators featured in "Cannibal Translation" reject normative, servile translation and instead develop techniques that question, reanimate or improve their source texts. Rooted in the Brazilian avant-garde notion of cannibalism as an indigenous practice of honorably incorporating the other into the self, "Cannibal Translation" animates an alternative ethics of translation norms within Latin American configurations of World Literature. In this talk, Isabel Gomez will trace the routes that concepts of cultural cannibalism took from Brazilian Portuguese into Spanish to become a Latin American praxis of literary translation in a decolonial stance.