SPO | Exhibition: AfroColombia: A Panorama of Life and Living in Chocó

Apr 10, 2023May 30, 2023
Lower Hyphen, East Pyne


Event Description

El Chocó is an lush area of western Colombia with beaches on the Pacific and the Caribbean coast. Many rivers also cross this land, making fishing one of the most important activities in this region. El Chocó has one of the highest rates of rainfall of any place in the world. You can find a vibrate jungle full of diverse flora and fauna. Whale watching, hiking and surfing make it an outstanding tourism destination for nature lovers. The culture is also unique and fascinating, with a strong African connection: more than 80% of the population are descendants of enslaved Africans brought by the Spaniards.

Jeison Riascos, El Murcy, is a photographer who wants to share the beauty of his land and its people. In the selection of photographs that will be shown in East Pyne from April 10th till May 30th, you will appreciate the culture, resilience and power of these people, often overlooked. El Murcy is not only an artist, but he is also very engaged with his community, offering photography classes to young people, helping to spread the COVID vaccination’s efforts, and being a voice for el Chocó all around the globe.

The opening reception will be on April 10th at 4:30pm in the Lower Hypen of East Pyne. Unfortunately Jeison Riascos can not join us in person due to visa issues but his powerful pictures will be there.

Jeison Riascos