The Accumulated Traumas of Honduran Displacement

Sep 28, 2021, 5:00 pm6:30 pm



Event Description

Since 2009, displacement out of Honduras has increased exponentially every year as crisis after interconnected crisis piles onto the cities and villages of the country. The consequences of political instability, generalized violence, and abyssal inequality push hundreds of thousands of Hondurans abroad in search of the shelter and dignity they were stripped of at home. It is also in the decade-plus of permanent catastrophe that effects of factors of displacement exacerbate open wounds in the mental health of those that stay behind. With documentary photography and retelling the stories of those affected, the inward and outward complexities wrought by Honduran displacement will be shared as part of this speaking series.

Tomás Ayuso is a Honduran writer and documentary photojournalist. His work focuses on Latin American conflict as it relates to the drug war, forced displacement, and urban dispossession. Auyoso seeks to bind the disparate threads of communities into the grand interlinked story of the Western Hemisphere. In covering the different types of violence facing the region’s people, he hopes to create a record of both continental struggles and local successes. Ayuso is a National Geographic Explorer, recipient of the James Foley Award for Conflict Journalism, and a World Press Photo Global Talent. His work has been exhibited in galleries and public spaces around the world. Currently, Tomás is teaching photography and storytelling workshops for underrepresented communities in the Americas.

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