Senior Thesis Titles

Bringing together the insights gleaned through the course of one's studies, the completion of a thesis in a student's major discipline on a Latin American or Caribbean topic is one of the capstone experiences of the undergraduate certificate program. Below, you can get a sense of the impressive and broad-ranging scholarship produced each year.

Class of 2022

Students may write a senior thesis, an independent research paper (*), or take an additional LAS course to fulfill the final requirement for the certificate.

Julian Alvarez, Spanish and Portuguese, "From Biography to History: Frei Betto's Dialectical Pedagogy and the Comunidades Eclesiais de Base"

Catherine Ardila H. Marques, Economics, "Evaluating the Role of Information Acquisition in School Choice: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Brazil"

Diego Ayala-McCormick, History, "The Transition to Free Labor in Puerto Rico: Class and Politics in a Nineteenth-Century Colony"*

Sofía Briones Ramirez, Psychology, LAS 325 / ART 381 / ANT 325 / SPA 397 Muertos: Art and Mortality in Mexico

Julia Campbell, Politics, POL 367 / LAS 367 Latin American Politics

Emily Cruz, Civil and Environmental Engineering, PHI 372 / SPA 393 / LAS 372 Latin American Philosophy

Willow Dalehite, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, SPA 363 / LAS 334 Critical Theory in Latin America and Beyond

Jacquelyn Davila, History, LAS 307 / ANT 307 / ARC 317 / ART 388 Indigenous American Urbanism: Teotihuacan and its Legacy in Comparative Perspective

Germalysa Ferrer, Sociology, "Emotional Relief: A Study of International Crisis Response in Haiti"

Alejandro Garcia, Politics, LAS 312 / HIS 313 Revolution in Twentieth-Century Latin America

Sophia Goldberg, Chemistry, LAS 313 / ANT 313 / LAO 313 / AMS 305 Race Across the Americas

Miguel I. Gonzales, Economics, SPA 406 / LAS 410 Dark Matters

Kenneth Gonzalez Santibanez, History, "History, Race and Nation in Modern Latin America"

Akiva Jacobs, Music, ART 220 / LAS 230 Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art

Maya McHugh, Civil and Environmental Engineering, ENV 455 / COM 454 / ENG 255 Sea Level Rise, Islands and the Environmental Humanities

Felipe Mendoza, Economics, "Education’s Impact on Inequality: A Simulation Study in Colombia and Policy Alternatives"

Nate Moore, Politics, LAS 234 / ANT 333 Rethinking the Northern Triangle: Violence, Intervention, and Resistance in Central America

Ashley Morales, School of Public and International Affairs, LAS 302 / HIS 305 Latin America in Modern World History: Global and Transnational Perspectives, 1800 to the Present

Daniel Moreno, Economics, LAS 217 / POL 271 / URB 217 / ANT 397 Culture, Politics, and Human Rights in Latin America

Mary Murphy, School of Public and International Affairs, "Debtor Dispositions: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Ecuadorian Attitudes Toward China's Development Footprint"

MC Otani, Electrical and Computer Engineering, LAS 313 / LAO 313 / AAS 331 Locked Up in the Americas: A History of Prisons and Detainment

Kathy Palomino, Sociology, LAS 420 / GSS 458 / SPA 420 / ANT 423 Coloniality of Power: A Gender Perspective

Noel Peng, Spanish and Portuguese, "DIÓJUÀ (or Mai travels through Nepantla ... and not back)"

Fernanda Romo Herrera Ibarrola, Politics, "Theatre as Resistance in Guerrero: Contesting the Memory of State Violence from the Dirty War to Ayotzinapa"

Emily Sánchez, History, "Determining Freedom: Afro-Peruvians and the Meanings of Emancipation in Peru, 1850s"*

Fatima Sanogo, School of Public and International Affairs, WWS 364 / LAS 391 Human Rights in Latin America

Leonela Serrano, History, "Las Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo and the Exceptionality of Children in Argentina Amnesty Law: Reconstituting Family and Democracy by Refuting Disappearance"

María José Solórzano-Castro, Spanish and Portuguese, "In Times of War: Salvadoran-American Counterpoetics"

Peter Taylor, Comparative Literature, LAS 234 / ANT 333 Rethinking the Northern Triangle: Violence, Intervention, and Resistance in Central America

Hannah To, Economics, "Gender Differences in the Impact of Gangs on Labor Force Participation: Evidence from El Salvador"

Amy Torres, Art and Archaeology, "My Painting is an Act of Decolonization”: Viewing Wifredo Lam’s Vision of a Decolonial Future"

Valeria Torres-Olivares, School of Public and International Affairs, "Materializing the Mexico-U.S. Border: A Text & Sentiment Analysis Approach to Immigration and Border Enforcement Policy"

Eric Velasquez, Economics, HIS 304 / LAS 304 Modern Latin America since 1810