Senior Thesis Titles

Bringing together the insights gleaned through the course of one's studies, the completion of a thesis in a student's major discipline on a Latin American or Caribbean topic is one of the capstone experiences of the undergraduate certificate program. Below, you can get a sense of the impressive and broad-ranging scholarship produced each year.

Class of 2017

Miranda Alperstein, Philosophy
The Construction of the Socially Conscious Hip-Hop Movement*

Dylan Blau Edelstein, Spanish and Portuguese
Saudade de Nise: Memory and Mental Health in Rio de Janeiro

Eliza Anne Davis, Woodrow Wilson School
Exploring Foreign Aid and Indigenous Populations in Latin America*

Jose De Alba, Economics
Patria Progreso y Procede: An Econometric Analysis of Mexico's Primary Land-Titling Reform and Its Impact on the Pre-Existing Effects within Rural Communities

Sofia Hiltner, Psychology
La Respuesta a la Escasez: El Agro y la distribución alimentaria en Cuba*

Ava Rose Hoffman, Independent Concentration in Comparative Urban Development Studies
Everyday Violence: Representation and Resistance in Complexo do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Krishan Ramesh Kania, Spanish and Portuguese
The Politics of Art and Medicine: A Case Study on the Development and Exportation of Contemporary Cuban Art and Cuban Health Care

Anne Elizabeth Kartheiser, Woodrow Wilson School
Structural Risk and Cognitive Protection: Social Capital and Criminal Victimization in Latin America and the Caribbean

Sergio Leos, History
Dos Patrias: Global and National Communities in the Universal Thought of José Martí

Juliana Lopez, Spanish and Portuguese
The Housing Problem: Exclusionary Practices and Socialist Revisionism in Turn-of-the-Century Havana

Adjoa Mante, Spanish and Portuguese
Incluir el Sentir del Pueblo" Healing la Comunidad Afro from Collective Trauma in Kilombo Niara Sharay

Erik Maritz, Spanish and Portuguese
Subversion through Self Starvation: Material and Symbolic Economies of Indigenous Women's Hunger in Bolivia

Francisco Martinez, Woodrow Wilson School
Uma Viagem Para Todos: Identifying and Analyzing the Determinants of Tourism Policy in Lula's Brazil

Lucas Mazzotti, Woodrow Wilson School
Understanding Environmentalism: A Comparative Case Study in Chile

Elizabeth McDonald, Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Situating Mexico’s New Electricity Auctions in Latin America’s Existing History of Electricity Auctions*

Lara Norgaard, Comparative Literature
States of Discourse Traces of Crime: Detective Fiction and the Social Construction of Memory in Post-Dictatorship Brazil and Argentina

Courtney Brittany Perales, Anthropology
Puerto Rico Nació En Mí:  Exploring Cultural Nationalism and Revolutionary Violence in Independence Movements

Vivian Ramirez, Woodrow Wilson School
More Money less Problems: Strategies in Mexican Education Reform

Edwin Rosales, English
Spring on Fire: A Guatemalan Story*

Jennifer Shyue, Comparative Literature
Independent Translation Project*

Vanessa Smith, Anthropology
Taking a Closer Look:  The Ethics and Implications of the Collection Curation and Display of Cultural Objects within Museums

Charlotte Morris Williams, Anthropology
Making the Descendants: The Return of Machu Picchu's Artifacts to an Inca Nation

Emma Scott Wingreen, Woodrow Wilson School
Candidatas No Electas: Evaluating Chile’s Legislative Gender Quota

Lacey-Ann Alissa Wisdom, History
Between the Third World and the Whole World: Michael Manley's Doomed Campaign for Economic Independence and Change in Jamaica 1972-1980

Margaret Wright, English
Soleida Ríos*

Yihemba Yikona, Politics
Let Their Voices Be Heard: Afro-Descendant Inclusion in the 2016 Colombian Peace Agreement

*Major research paper in addition to Departmental thesis, to fulfill the PLAS writing requirement.