Senior Thesis Prizes

PLAS honors compelling undergraduate scholarship, supporting two awards that recognize stellar thesis work. The Stanley Stein Senior Thesis Prize honors those who focus on a Latin American or Caribbean topic. The Kenneth Maxwell Senior Thesis is awarded for the best thesis on a topic specifically related to Brazil.

Class Day

2020 Stanley J. Stein Senior Thesis Prize

headshotAdam Chang, Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Networks in a World Unknown: Public WhatsApp Groups in the Venezuelan Refugee Crisis
Adviser: Miklos Z. Racz

Following graduation Adam will be a Jr. Data Scientist at IDinsight, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

headshotAnne Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff, Spanish and Portuguese
Children in Crisis: Trauma Exposure and Mental Health Outcomes Among Central American and Mexican Children Held in Immigration Detention at the United States-Mexico Border
Co- Advisers: Javier Guerrero and Catherine Jensen Peña

Following graduation Anne is hoping to carry out interdisciplinary neuroscience-policy/cultural studies work (but has not yet found a position).

2020 Kenneth Maxwell Senior Thesis Prize in Brazilian and Portuguese Studies

headshotCarolina Cantu, Anthropology
The Politics of Indigeneity in Brazil: From Colonial Representations to Indigenous Activism Today
Adviser: João Biehl

Following graduation Carolina will work as a special projects fellow at a charter school called New Foundations Charter School in Philadelphia as part of a Project 55 Fellowship.