Graduate Students

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  • Mauricio Acuña

    Research Interests: Anthropology, History and Literature, focusing on the relationship among Social Thought, Subalternity, Popular Culture &...
  • Jonathan Aguirre

    Research Interests: Environmental history and literature in the Andes and United States
  • Andy Alfonso

    Research Interests: Cuba, the Caribbean, Latin American art, politics and literature
  • Jarome Ali

    • Jarome Ali
      • Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Research Interests: Ecology and evolution of bird colouration.
  • Daniela Barba-Sanchez

    Research Interests: Government accountability, political violence, human rights, civil-military relations, transitional justice, regime politics,...
  • Marina Bedran

    Research Interests: Latin American literature, visual culture and film, with a focus on Brazil; literary theory, translation, media theory, eco-...
  • Ingrid Brioso Rieumont

    Research interests: Cuba, Brazil, and Latin America; slavery and photography; philosophy of time (temporality and endings).
  • Sonia Angela De Laforcade

    Research Interests: The transnational 1960s and 1970s, art circuits in Latin America with an emphasis on Brazil, media practices in art and art...
  • Vinicius Furuie

    Research Interests: ​​​​​​​Amazonian river trade in Brazil and Peru
  • Gabrielle Girard

    Research Interests: Argentina, human rights and political transition during the late 20th century
  • Charlie Hankin

    Research Interests: Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, the Caribbean, African diaspora, music and revolutions
  • Brandon Hunter-Pazzara

    Research Interests: Mexico, labor politics, electoral politics, social movements and tourism
  • Elis Mendoza

    • Elis Mendoza
      • Graduate Fellow, Program in Latin American Studies

    Elis Mendoza is a Ph.D. candidate in architecture history and theory.

  • Isabela  Muci Barradas

    Research Interests: History of photography, modern and contemporary art from Latin America
  • Ivan Munuera

    Research Interests: Haiti, Caribbean, United States. Urbanism of HIV/AIDS
  • Benjamin Murphy

    Research Interests: Art history, intellectual history, anthropology and indigenous representation
  • Lindsay Ofrias

    Research Interests: Ecuador and the USA
  • John Paniagua

    Research Interests: Colonial Caribbean, Amerindians and Atlantic Empires
  • Felice Physioc

    Research Interests: Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, information collection and circulation, media/communication history, political  economy
  • Pablo Pryluka

    Research Interests: Argentina, Brazil, Chile; History of Development, Economic History, History of Consumption, History of Advertising, Global...
  • Amanda Savagian

    Research Interests: Animal communication in complex social groups; specifically, vocal communication in a cooperatively breeding bird in Panama
  • Fatima Siwaju

    Research Interests: The intersections of religion, race and national identity, particularly as they relate to Afro-descendant Muslim communities in...
  • Julie Tierney

    Research interests: Plant-microbial symbioses and nutrient cycling in the white-sands forests of the Peruvian Amazon
  • Lizabel Monica Villares Plasencia

    Research Interests: Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Digital Humanities / Cuban, Latin America and Latino Studies

* Certificate Student