Graduate Students

grad students

  • Mauricio Acuña

    Research Interests: Anthropology, History and Literature, focusing on the relationship among Social Thought, Subalternity, Popular Culture &...
  • Jonathan Aguirre

    Research Interests: Environmental history and literature in the Andes and United States
  • Andy Alfonso

    Research Interests: Cuba, the Caribbean, Latin American art, politics and literature
  • Jarome Ali

    Research Interests: Ecology and evolution of bird colouration.
  • Ingrid Brioso Rieumont

    Research interests: Cuba, Brazil, and Latin America; slavery and photography; philosophy of time (temporality and endings).
  • Angela Brown

    Research interests: ephemera, nontraditional archives, and popular media; transnational artistic movements; dance and film; especially in Puerto Rico...
  • Alvaro Carril

    Research Interests: Reduce inequalities and improve the efficiency of education-related markets in developing countries, including Colombia, Peru and...
  • Alex Diaz-Hui

    Research interests: Focus on modern and contemporary poetry and music from Latin America and the Caribbean, with a particular interest in the Greater...
  • Miguel Domínguez

    Research interests: Mexico, Brazil, and Latin America; literary magazines, surrealism, historiography of the avant-garde, theory of trauma,...
  • Haris A. Durrani

    Research Interests: ​​​​​​​How the history of science intersects with law, resources, and the so-called global south. Particularl interested in how...
  • Gabrielle Girard

    Research Interests: Argentina, human rights and political transition during the late 20th century
  • Charlie Hankin

    Research Interests: Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, the Caribbean, African diaspora, music and revolutions
  • Brandon Hunter-Pazzara

    Research Interests: Mexico, labor politics, electoral politics, social movements and tourism
  • Rodney Lebrón Rivera

    Research Inerests: The relationship between history and literature, theory of history in dialogue with literary theory and Intellectual History in...
  • Alejandro Martinez

    Research Interests: Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, amateur cinema, contemporary art from Latin America, minor literature
  • Elis Mendoza

    Research interests: Architecture experimentation, human rights, post-conflict cities
  • Isabela  Muci Barradas

    Research Interests: History of photography, modern and contemporary art from Latin America
  • Ivan Munuera

    Research Interests: Haiti, Caribbean, United States. Urbanism of HIV/AIDS
  • Benjamin Murphy

    Research Interests: Art history, intellectual history, anthropology and indigenous representation
  • Lindsay Ofrias

    Research Interests: Ecuador and the USA
  • John Paniagua

    Research Interests: Colonial Caribbean, Amerindians and Atlantic Empires
  • Juan Diego Pérez

    Research interests: Latin American modern and contemporary poetry (especially Chile, Colombia, and Perú); Latin American avant-garde and neo-avant-...
  • Felice Physioc

    Research Interests: Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, information collection and circulation, media/communication history, political  economy
  • Pablo Pryluka

    Research Interests: Argentina, Brazil, Chile; History of Development, Economic History, History of Consumption, History of Advertising, Global...
  • Sowmya Ramanathan

    Research Interests: ​​​​​​​The theory and practice of the Latin American neoavant-garde; in notions of alterity as they inform aesthetic form and...
  • Camila Reyes Alé

    Research interests: US-Latin America exchanges, circulation practices, material techniques and culture, cultural and visual studies, institutional...
  • Javier Rivero Ramos

    Research Interests: The limits and possibilities of international networks of artistic exchange that linked artists to audiences and colleagues...
  • Amanda Savagian

    Research Interests: Animal communication in complex social groups; specifically, vocal communication in a cooperatively breeding bird in Panama
  • Fatima Siwaju

    Research Interests: The intersections of religion, race and national identity, particularly as they relate to Afro-descendant Muslim communities in...
  • Julie Tierney

    Research interests: Plant-microbial symbioses and nutrient cycling in the white-sands forests of the Peruvian Amazon
  • Daniela Urbina

    Research Interests: Family demography, gender inequality, education, and quantitative methods.
  • Jessica Womack

    Research Interests: Modern and contemporary art from the Caribbean, Afro-Diasporic religions, race, and visual culture and nation building

Noteworthy Accomplishments

 Vinicius de Aguiar Furuie *20 (Anthropology) successfully defended his dissertation, “Argonauts of the Amazon: River Trade and Rights in the Xingu Basin” on September 3, 2020 (Committee: Ryo Morimoto, Carolyn Crouse, João Biehl and Joerg Niewohner from Humboldt University of Berlin).  Vinicius is an Environmental Fellow at The Harvard University Center for the Environment.

Marian Miguel Bedran *20 (Spanish and Portuguese) successfully defended her dissertation “A Turn to Amazonia: Experimental Art, Indigeneity, and the Rise of Political Ecology in Brazil” on August 27, 2020.  Marina has accepted a tenure-track position at Johns Hopkins University as an assistant professor of Lusophone Literatures and Cultures in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

Daniela Barba-Sanchez *20 (Politics) successfully defended her dissertation, “Private Gains and Human Rights Violations: Collateral Damage in Mexico’s War on Drugs” on September 9, 2020 (Committee: Deborah Yashar, Grigore Pop-Eleches, Carles Boix). 

Ingrid Brioso Rieumont was awarded a 2019 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship. The fellowship is conferred to recognize individual doctoral students whose dissertation will make an unusually significant contribution to their discipline. The program provides funding to conduct research in modern foreign languages and area studies for periods of 6 to 12 months.

Vinicius de Aguiar Furuie was awarded the Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship.  This fellowship was established in 1905 by Clara Cooley Jacobus and is awarded to doctoral students who, in the judgement of the University faculty demonstrate the highest scholarly excellence.  Previous Jacobus winners have gone on to become leaders in all fields including academia, business, industry, and government. The fellowship supports his final year of study at Princeton.

Brandon Hunter was awarded the 2019 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship. This program funds individual doctoral students who conduct research in other countries, in modern foreign languages and area studies for periods of six to 12 months. He was also awarded a National Science Foundation DDRI Grant in the Cultural Anthropology section for the same project.

Ivan Lopez Munuera taught a research seminar on architecture and epidemics: Contagion!!! On Architecture and Epidemics at Architectural Association in London.  In addition to this, he received the CCA Doctoral Students Program Grant:

Javier Rivero Ramos recently published the first comprehensive monographic publication devoted to Chilean artist Juan Downey. Co-edited together with Julieta González, Juan Downey, 1940- 1993 spans the life and career of the artist, offering novel studies by leading specialists as well as the first compendium of his oeuvre. Published by Ediciones MP.

Sonia de Laforcade *19 (Art & Archaeology) successfully defended her dissertation, “Áudio-Visual: The Slide as Medium in Brazilian Art,” on November 20th, 2019 (Committee: Irene Small, Hal Foster, Rachel Price, Alexander Alberro). Sonia is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture at the University of Oregon.