Graduate Certificate Recipients


  • Gabrielle Girard (Politics)
  • Alejandro Martinez Rodriguez (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • William Mullaney (Comparative Literature)
  • Javier Rivero Ramos (Art & Archaeology)
  • Jessica Womack (Art & Archaelogy)


  • Will Freeman (Politics)


  • Mauricio Acuña (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Ingrid Brioso Rieumont (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Charlie Hankin (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Brandon Hunter-Pazzara (Anthropology)
  • Felice Physioc (History)


  • Daniela T. Barba Sánchez (Politics)
  • Martín Cobas Sosa (Architecture)
  • Miguel Domínguez (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Marina Miguel Bedran (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Benjamin Murphy (Art & Archaeology)
  • Sowmya Ramanathan (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Yvette Ramirez (MPA, School of Public & International Affairs)


  • Sonia de Laforcade (Art & Archaeology)


  • Federico Carlos Huneeus (Economics)
  • Jessica R. Mack (History)
  • Thomas Matusiak (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Paula Elena Vedoveli Francisco (History)


  • Ireri Chaves Barcenas (Music)
  • Kelsey Christina Moss (Religion)
  • Marcelo da Rocha Lima Diego (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Elizabeth Hochberg (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Nathaniel Wolfson (Spanish & Portuguese)


  • Martin Marimon (History) 
  • Sarah Town (Music)


  • Valeria Lopez Facul (History)
  • Melissa Teixeira (History)


The Program in Latin American Studies deeply influenced my experience as a grad student at Princeton. I was welcomed into the PLAS community upon my arrival as a Lassen Fellow and given an academic space where my ideas and expertise were always valued by the colleagues I met at PLAS. The multi-country, multi-archival research I conducted over the years for my PhD dissertation would also not have been possible without their generous financial support. PLAS was always a big supporter. PLAS is one of the reasons why I successfully defended and found a job. Thank you!
-Paula Vedoveli *19, History, Princeton University