Certificate Student

  • Alex Diaz-Hui

    Research interests: Focus on modern and contemporary poetry and music from Latin America and the Caribbean, with a particular interest in the Greater Antilles
  • Angela Brown

    Research interests: ephemera, nontraditional archives, and popular media; transnational artistic movements; dance and film; especially in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Mexico
  • Miguel Domínguez

    Research interests: Mexico, Brazil, and Latin America; literary magazines, surrealism, historiography of the avant-garde, theory of trauma, intersections between disability studies and literary theory.
  • Rodney Lebrón Rivera

    Research Inerests: The relationship between history and literature, theory of history in dialogue with literary theory and Intellectual History in Latin American and the Caribbean.
  • Alvaro Carril

    Research Interests: Reduce inequalities and improve the efficiency of education-related markets in developing countries, including Colombia, Peru and Chile.
  • Jessica Womack

    Research Interests: Modern and contemporary art from the Caribbean, Afro-Diasporic religions, race, and visual culture and nation building
  • Ivan Munuera

    Research Interests: Haiti, Caribbean, United States. Urbanism of HIV/AIDS
  • Ingrid Brioso Rieumont

    Research interests: Cuba, Brazil, and Latin America; slavery and photography; philosophy of time (temporality and endings).
  • Pablo Pryluka

    Research Interests: Argentina, Brazil, Chile; History of Development, Economic History, History of Consumption, History of Advertising, Global History.


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