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Race in Latin America
FRS 133
This seminar will explore the history of racial relations in Latin America. We will first analyze how urban Latin music, such as reggaetón and Latin trap, both legitimatize and defy theories of scientific racism. Students will then look at the historical impact of conquest and colonization in the rise of racial categories in Latin America. Furthermore, we will examine case studies, such as mestizaje in Mexico, colorism in Brazil, genocide in the DR-Haiti border, and racism in the outcome of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Lastly, we will study the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality in Latin American identities and experiences.
Instructor: Dannelle Gutarra Cordero
Office of the Registrar

This was by far the best led class I have taken at Princeton; the format of us filling out worksheets ahead of time so that you already knew our initial thoughts allowed discussions to be rich and fulfilling. The mix of theoretical discussion with practical research was really enjoyable and I feel like I am walking away from the class both with something concrete and a new frame of mind around thinking about conflict. It was clear throughout the class that you are truly an expert in the field and I am grateful to have had the chance to take this class with you.  -Franklin Maloney ‘20 regarding: LAS 376: The Economic Analysis of Conflict taught by Ana María Ibáñez (PLAS Visiting Research Scholar and Visiting Professor - Fall 2018)