• This spring, 11 Princeton undergraduates in the course “The Art and Politics of Ancient Maya Courts” had an unusual assignment: deciphering hieroglyphs. “This course is a deep dive into the art and culture within Maya courts from about 600-800,” said Bryan Just, the Peter Jay Sharp, Class of 1952, Curator and Lecturer in the Art of the Ancient...
  • While at Princeton, Alisha Holland, a 2007 alumna, wrote her senior thesis on the political and legal responses of Central American nations to rampant gang-related violence, and traveled to El Salvador and Guatemala to conduct fieldwork.
  • Speaking at Princeton’s 250th anniversary convocation in October 1996, novelist and professor Toni Morrison began with a reference to William Wordsworth’s meditation on “the spirit of the place,” in The Prelude. Morrison thought there were two ways of thinking about Princeton: as a place of collective memory that is part of the nation’s
  • Senior Edwin Rosales, a first-generation college student who emigrated from Guatemala with his parents when he was a child, drew on his own family stories and extensive research to write not one but two senior theses. The first, an original collection of short stories, “The Art of Stones,” satisfied the thesis requirements for his major in English...
  • When cities host huge global events, they become the site of big dreams — and big disagreements. Last year’s summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro drew much criticism for large-scale development that displaced residents and exacerbated socioeconomic divides. It also spurred intense debate about what kind of city Rio should be. Those themes are...
  • This exhibition focuses on selected “thin shell” structures designed and built in the mid-20th century in Havana.


Robert Karl presents “The FARC’s First March and the Making of Contemporary Colombia”

Jorge Arrate presents “Chile: 25 Years of Democracy”

Wed, Sep 27, 2017,
12:00 pm to 1:20 pm

“La novela de la poesía”, una conversación con Tamara Kamenszain

Bankruptcy and Citizenship: Puerto Rico, a 21st Century Colony?

“Social Change in Latin America, from 1970 to the Present: What We are Learning Together”